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Why not try one of our free community components like the File Watcher Task or the Row Number Transformation.


Training Courses

SQL Server Integration Services Deep Dive This 4-Day course is designed for those people who want to know what SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) can do in their workplace. The course does not spend time on the basics of the product rather it gets right into the details and digs away at what really makes it an enterprise class ETL tool.
SQL Server Integration Services Performance Tuning This 1-day course is designed for those people who have seen how fast SQL Server Integration Services can transfer data but want more. We will show you how to understand performance not only from within SSIS but also from without.

Konesans have a great deal of experience in providing businesses with solutions based in and around Microsoft SQL Server especially SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). We have worked in a diverse range of business areas and provided a great many solutions for those businesses. let us help you to realise the potential of your data and get the most from your infrastructure. Our aim is not to take over your business, we want to give you the knowledge and the solutions so that you can drive your businesses forward yourselves.

At Konesans we realise the benefits of a solid infrastructure and implementation of your environment. By focusing on you the customer we are able to deliver solutions applicable to your situation not just a generic solution and the benefits of this approach are obvious for all to see.

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